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Basilica of Saint Josaphat

[1] Waclaw Kruszka, A History of the Poles in America to 1908, Part I (Washington D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 1993), 46; John Gurda, Centennial of Faith: The Basilica of Saint Josaphat, 1888-1988 (Milwaukee: Basilica of St. Josaphat, 1989), 9-11; John Gurda, The Making of Milwaukee (Milwaukee: Milwaukee County Historical


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[2] “In Sporting Circles.”

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[6] “

Bastille Days

[1] Easttown, last accessed May 4, 2017. Note that unlike the other ethnic festivals, there is no entrance fee.

[2] For a concise overview of the French Revolution, see William Doyle, The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford [U.K.]: Oxford University Press, 2001); see also Bastille Day—14th July,, http://www.

Bay View

[1] Ron Winkler, Bay View (Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2011), 21; John Gurda, The Making of Milwaukee, 3rd edition (Milwaukee: Milwaukee County Historical Society, 2006) 114; Bernhard C. Korn, The Story of Bay View (Milwaukee: Milwaukee County Historical Society, 1980), 52-53; Frederick I. Olson. “Suburbanization: The Bay View and Residential Models,” in Trading

Beer Gardens and Beer Halls

[1] Harry H. Anderson, “Recreation, Entertainment, and Open Space: Park Traditions in Milwaukee County,” in Trading Post to Metropolis: Milwaukee County’s First 150 Years, ed. Ralph M. Aderman (Milwaukee: Milwaukee County Historical Society, 1987), 258; Milwaukee Sentinel, February 21, 1932; William George Bruce, History of Milwaukee, City and County, vol. 1 (Milwaukee: S.J.

Bel Canto Chorus

[1] Priscilla Pardini, 75 and Still Singing: Bel Canto Chorus (Milwaukee: Bel Canto Chorus, 2006), 2-4.

[2] Pardini, 75 and Still Singing, 3.; “Ambitious Program by Festival Singers,” The Milwaukee Journal, October 20, 1940, accessed March 30, 2015,,2235363&


[1] Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. A Master Plan for the Town of Belgium, 2020, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin (Waukesha, WI.: Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, 2000), 3.

[2] Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. A Master Plan for the Town of Belgium, 3.

[3] Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. A Master Plan for

Bennett Law

[1] Robert James Ulrich, “The Bennett Law of 1889: Education and Politics in Wisconsin” (Ph.D. diss., University of Wisconsin, 1965), ii-iii, 153-154.

[2] Ulrich, “The Bennett Law of 1889,” 156, 166.

[3] Ulrich, “The Bennett Law of 1889,” 1-3; Bayrd Still, Milwaukee: The History of a City (Madison: The State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1948), 260-261.


Beth El Ner Tamid Synagogue

[1] “Beth El Name of New Congregation on Upper West Side,” Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, September 29, 1922.

[2] John Gurda, One People, Many Paths: A History of Jewish Milwaukee (Milwaukee: Jewish Museum Milwaukee, 2009), 164.

[3] Leon Cohen, “Beth El’s New Building Absorbs and Sheds Light,” Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, June 8, 1984.

Betty Brinn Children’s Museum

[1] Karen MacPherson, “Children’s Museums Are Centers of Growth,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 9, 2000.

[2] MacPherson, “Children’s Museums Are Centers of Growth”; “About Children’s Museums,” Association of Children’s Museums Website, accessed July 7, 2015.

[3] “Find a Children’s Museum,” Association of Children’s Museums Website, accessed July 7, 2015.


Betty Quadracci

[1] Jan Uebelherr and Jesse Garza, “Milwaukee Magazine’s Betty Quadracci Dies at 75,” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, December 9, 2013, accessed March 10, 2014.

[2] Bruce Murphy, “The Legacy of Betty Quadracci,” Urban Milwaukee, December 10, 2013, accessed March 10, 2014.

[3] Uebelherr and Garza, “Milwaukee Magazine’s Betty Quadracci Dies at 75.”

[4] “Betty Ewens Quadracci,”

Beulah Brinton

1] “Brinton, Beulah, (nee Tobey) 1836-1928,” Dictionary of Wisconsin History, Wisconsin Historical Society, accessed December 22, 2013,; “Beulah Brinton House Mortgage Campaign,” Bay View Compass, November 30, 2013, accessed December 28, 2013, http://


[1] This entry draws from Jesse Gant and Nick Hoffman, Wheel Fever: How Wisconsin Became a Great Bicycling State (Madison, WI: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2013). In Wheel Fever, we consider Milwaukee the epicenter of Wisconsin bicycling not only because the first velocipede ride occurred there in 1869, but also because it served

Billie the Brownie

[1] Ralph Luedtke, “The Story of Billie the Brownie,” accessed September 2, 2015.

[2] “Christmases Past: Billie the Brownie and Milwaukee’s Children,” Children in Urban America Project, accessed September 1, 2015.

[3] “Beanie the Brownie,” Milwaukee County Historical Society,, accessed September 2, 2015, now available

Billy Mitchell

[1] James J. Cooke, Billy Mitchell (Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc., 2002), 1-6; Alfred F. Hurley, Billy Mitchell: Crusader for Air Power (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1975), vii-2; Joseph Lloyd Croteau, “Billy Mitchell: Author of an Air Power Geo-Political Theory?,” (Master’s thesis, Chapman College, 1980), iv-v.

[2] Cooke, Billy Mitchell, 8

Blatz Brewing Company

[1] John Braun’s brewery was listed as the Cedar Brewery in the 1847 City Directory, and as the City Brewery in the 1848 City Directory. Blatz kept the City Brewery name until 1859, when it was listed as the Valentine Blatz Brewery. Milwaukee City Directory, 1847-1859

[2] Brenda Magee, Brewing in Milwaukee (

Blessed Virgin of Pompeii Church

[1] Steven M. Avella, In the Richness of the Earth (Milwaukee: Marquette University Press, 2002), 240.

[2] Avella, In the Richness of the Earth, 241-44; John Gurda, “The Church and the Neighborhood,” in Milwaukee Catholicism, Steven M. Avella, ed. (Milwaukee: Knights of Columbus, 1991), 13-16.

[3] Gurda, “The Church and

BloodCenter of Wisconsin

[1] The Milwaukee Junior League terminated its formal sponsorship of the BloodCenter in 1954 to pursue other projects. “Blood Center Director Will Be Honored,” The Milwaukee Sentinel, April 6, 1949, 11; BloodCenter of Wisconsin, “A History of Advancing Patient Care,” accessed July 1, 2013; “League Leaves Blood Center, Eyes New Job,” The Milwaukee Sentinel, May 11, 1954, 1.


BMO Harris Bradley Center

[1] Arena Highlights, BMO Harris Bradley Center website, last accessed May 26, 2017. This entry was posted on August 18, 2018 and updated on June 27, 2022.

[2] Naming Rights to its main entrances were sold to Miller Lite, Northwestern Mutual Life, Kohl’s Department Stores, and Potawatomi Bingo Casino; see Don Walker, “MMAC, BMO Harris Bradley Center Sell Naming


[1] “Humboldt Park History,” Humboldt Park Friends, accessed April 7, 2017.

[2] “MKE in Wonderland: How an Amusement Park Created the Village of Shorewood,” accessed April 7, 2017.

[3] “Humboldt Park History,” Humboldt Park Friends, accessed April 7, 2017.

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[6] “A