Milwaukee Mayors

Years in OfficeNameLivedBirthplaceParty
1846-1847Solomon (Laurent-Salomon) Juneau1793-1856Repentigny, Lower CanadaDemocrat
1847-1848Horatio N. Wells1808-1858Hinesburg, VTDemocrat
1848-1849Byron Kilbourn1801-1870Granby, CTDemocrat
1849-1851Don Upham1809-1877Weathersfield, VTDemocrat
1851-1852George H. Walker1811-1866Lynchburg, VADemocrat
1852-1853Hans Crocker1815-1889Dublin, IrelandDemocrat
1853-1854George H. Walker1811-1866Lynchburg, VADemocrat
1854-1855Byron Kilbourn1801-1870Granby, CTDemocrat
1855-1858James B. Cross1819-1876Phelps, NYDemocrat
1858-1859William Augustus Prentiss1799-1892Northfield, MAWhig/Republican
1859-1860Herman L. Page1818-1873Oneida County, NYDemocrat
1860-1861William Pitt Lynde1817-1885Sherburne, NYDemocrat
1861-1862James S. Brown1824-1876Hampden, MEDemocrat (with Republican Support)
1862-1863Horace Chase1810-1887Derby, VTDemocrat
1863-1864Edward O'Neill1820-1890County Kilkenny, IrelandDemocrat
1864-1865Abner Kirby1818-1893Skowhegan, MEDemocrat
1865-1867John J. Tallmadge1818-1873Claverack, NYDemocrat
1867-1870Edward O'Neill1820-1890County Kilkenny, IrelandDemocrat
1870-1871Joseph Phillips1825-1906Alsace, FranceDemocrat
1871-1872Harrison Ludington1812-1891Ludingtonville, NYRepublican
1872-1873David G. Hooker1830-1888Poultney, VTDemocrat
1873-1876Harrison Ludington1812-1891Ludingtonville, NYRepublican
1876-1878Ammi R.R. Butler1821-1901Fairfield, VTDemocrat
1878-1880John Black1830-1899Bidache, FranceDemocrat
1880-1882Thomas H. Brown1839-1908MilwaukeeRepublican
1882-1884John M. Stowell1824-1907Alexander, NYDemocrat
1884-1888Emil Wallber1841-1923Berlin, PrussiaRepublican
1888-1890Thomas H. Brown1839-1908MilwaukeeRepublican
1890 (resigned to become governor)George W. Peck1840-1916Hudson, NYDemocrat
1890-1893Peter Somers1850-1924Menomonee FallsDemocrat
1893-1896John C. Koch1841-1907HamburgRepublican
1896-1898William G. Rauschenberger1855-1918Soldin, PrussiaRepublican
1898-1906David S. Rose1856-1932Darlington, WIDemocrat
1906-1908Sherburn Becker1876-1949MilwaukeeRepublican
1908-1910David S. Rose1856-1932Darlington, WIDemocrat
1910-1912Emil Seidel1864-1947Ashland, PASocialist/Social Democrat
1912-1916Gerhard A. Bading1870-1946MilwaukeeFusion Party
1916-1940Daniel Webster Hoan1881-1961WaukeshaSocialist
1940-1942Carl Frederick Zeidler1908-1944 (presumed dead)MilwaukeeUnaffiliated
1942-1944 (Interim), 1944-1948John L. Bohn1872-1955Two Rivers, WINonpartisan
1948-1960Frank P. Zeidler1912-2006MilwaukeeSocialist
1960-1988Henry W. Maier1918-1994Dayton, OHDemocrat
1988-2004 (resigned)John Norquist1949-Princeton, NJDemocrat
2004 (Interim)Marvin Pratt1944-Dallas, TXDemocrat
2004-Tom Barrett1953-MilwaukeeDemocrat
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