Harley-Davidson Museum

Click the image to learn more. 2006 photograph of the Harley Davidson Museum under construction in the Menomonee Valley.

Opened in 2008, the Harley-Davidson Museum celebrates one of Milwaukee’s most famous businesses. Exhibits on the second floor chronicle the company’s rise from a two-person partnership to a multinational corporation, as well as its rich racing history. Displays on the ground floor emphasize the company’s influence on popular culture.[1] The museum’s construction reflected a revitalization effort carried out by the city in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.[2] To emphasize Milwaukee’s industrial heritage, the museum was constructed on a long-neglected industrial tract in the Menomonee Valley.[3] The interior of the museum features exposed bricks and steel beams, and the floor is repurposed from a defunct Third Ward knitting mill.[4]

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