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Village of Pewaukee

A sketch of the Oakton Springs Hotel in a frame. It shows the multiple-story adjoining buildings and their surrounding area. The facade stands on the farthest left back and faces slightly to the left. Numerous columns supported its first and second story. A tower sits atop the roof. Two sides of the tower are visible. A flag flaps above it. The hotel's name sign appears on the roof's side. The building's wing structures are situated next to the facade. A fence runs from the facade to the wings, leaving an empty bounded space between them. Some people walk the sidewalk that is built alongside the fence. Two trees and a horse-drawn vehicle appear on the street in the center foreground. Text at the bottom outside the frame reads "Oakton Spring Hotel."
William I. Tchakirides


A group of people in front of a row of lockers pose in yellow shirts. They make different hand gestures and smile.
William I. Tchakirides

Dorothy Enderis

Grayscale medium shot of Dorothy Enderis smiling in glasses and a flower-patterned shirt. Enderis sits at an office desk while her hands hold a paper and a pencil. Some documents and a fountain pen are on the desk lying next to her hands.
William I. Tchakirides

Digital Milwaukee

Frontpage of the last issue of the UWMPost dated November, 26, 2012 with the tagline "The Student-Run Independent Newspaper." The headline reads, "The Post is Dead." The second article is titled "Long Live the Post."
William I. Tchakirides


Medium shot of Bishop David Jackson Kemper in grayscale tone sitting on an armchair. He wears a light-colored shirt and a vest inside a collared suit. He poses with two arms resting on the chair while making eye contact with the camera lens.
William I. Tchakirides

Beulah Brinton

Grayscale wide shot of the Beulah Brinton House facade in a residential area. The L-framed building consists of two-and-a-half-stories. The narrow side of the structure is on the right featuring windows on each of its stories. The longer side on the left has an entrance on the ground floor and a balcony on the second floor enclosed by balustrades.
William I. Tchakirides

We Energies

Elevated view of the interior of Lakeside Power Plant's turbine room in grayscale tone. A row of turbine machines appears in the center of the room, from the foreground to the background. Light emanates from the ceiling. The steel structure on the ceiling and the wall lining the left side of the room are visible. Some workers stand on the floor in the right foreground.
William I. Tchakirides