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Village of Slinger

Bird's eye view of the Village of Slinger in grayscale. The village's buildings appear in the background. The ground of a hill is visible in the image's foreground.
William I. Tchakirides


Outdoor sign made of wood is inscribed "Willkommen in Germantown." The words are set between a man and woman figure in traditional German clothing and under images of German-style buildings and fur trees. Next to it is a small board that reads "Best Places to Lives, Money Magazine's 2007 Great American Towns."
William I. Tchakirides

Newhall House Fire

A drawing illustrates the dramatic scene of the Newhall House blaze rescue operation. Severe fire and clouds of smoke stream out of the hotel windows and roof. People seeking help stand on the hotel's arched windows. Some jump to the safety nets held by firefighters below. Other groups of firefighters carry ladders toward the hotel. On the farthest right, some climb a ladder attached to the building. A crowd appears around the Newhall House's entrance. A throng of people stands in the foreground, watching the rescue operation.
William I. Tchakirides

YWCA Southeast Wisconsin

Sepia-colored long shot of fourteen young women in uniforms standing and facing the camera lens while demonstrating an exercise move. In the background, a group of people appear in an arched seating area on the upper floor. Some lean their body on the guardrails that enclosed the area. The room's floor, walls, and ceiling are visible.
William I. Tchakirides

YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee

Sepia-colored photograph of the YMCA tower on the left. The facade faces slightly to the left. The building's side has a vertical "YMCA" sign on its top. The Calvary Presbyterian Church is on the right. A bus stop appears in front of the YMCA tower. A street is visible in the foreground.
William I. Tchakirides


Grayscale long shot of Jason Downer's house. The two-and-a-half-story building features two entrances, a central bay window, and arched windows on the ground floor. Other arched windows appear on the upper floor. Dormer windows are set on the steep roof. The central part of the building is topped with an ornate gable roof. Bushes, a lawn, and trees embellish the front yard. A sidewalk, street light, and a street can be seen in the foreground.
William I. Tchakirides

Mary Blanchard Lynde

Painted portrait of Mary Blanchard Lynde in glasses and red shawl sitting with eyes glancing to left. Her head leans on her left hand that rests on top of a book placed on a red-colored surface.
William I. Tchakirides