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Grayscale long shot of Jason Downer's house. The two-and-a-half-story building features two entrances, a central bay window, and arched windows on the ground floor. Other arched windows appear on the upper floor. Dormer windows are set on the steep roof. The central part of the building is topped with an ornate gable roof. Bushes, a lawn, and trees embellish the front yard. A sidewalk, street light, and a street can be seen in the foreground.
Yankee-Yorkers began settling the Milwaukee metropolitan area in the mid-1830s. These Protestant, English-speaking, and highly mobile pioneers, mainly of British descent, hailed from New England, New York, Pennsylvania, and other Mid-Atlantic states. Following completion of the Erie Canal’s western terminus, Yankee-Yorker migrants inundated the midwestern frontier, including Milwaukee, in search of open land to speculate… Read More